Broadleaf Plantain

Plantain Weed

The plantain weed, commonly known as broadleaf plantain, is actually a perennial herb that provides us with many medicinal and culinary uses, even though it's a widely despised lawn weed.

It's a smooth stemmed, stiff plant, that usually grows from 6 inches to 18 inches high.

It has dark green, toothed, rosette leaves that grow close to the ground, with greenish-white or purplish-brown cylindrical spiked flowers.

The plantain weed, much like the dandelion, is a typical lawn weed. It gets noticed when the seed spikes rise above the lawn in late summer.

Broadleaf Plaintain weed

Despised Lawn Weed or Miracle Plant?

Not only does is spread from new shoots off the roots, being a perennial, it also produces a large seed population from the flower spikes.

It blooms from May through September, and if left unattended, broadleaf plantain plants can take over a lawn rather quickly. You'll need to practice some good organic lawn weed control measures to keep it in check.

Keeping the lawn mowed when the plaintain weed goes to seed provides a quick and key help to stopping them from spreading.

Check out our page Getting Rid of Weeds Naturally for more organic weed help.

Despised by gardeners and farmers alike, this lawn weed may be quite under-rated if recognized as a valuable healing plant and nutritious food source.

Plantain Weed Description and Habitat

This perennial weed is commonly found on our lawns here in North America, as well as in fields, meadows, and waste lands. While it grows best in rich soil, it will survive very well in poor soil, where it will produce smaller plants.

If left undisturbed, the entire plant can get as large as 12 inches across, with seed stalks as high as 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall.  That's a pretty impressive weed!

Plantain, native to Europe, was very likely intentionally brought here as a food crop. Thought to have followed the white man's steps, as it grew readily in new settlements, it was called White Man's Foot by many North American Indians. Some say it actually resembles a foot.

Used on the battlefield as a field dressing because of it's healing properties, it was also commonly known as "Soldier's Herb".

Broadleaf Plantain Recipes

Lawn weed plantain uses include both herbal remedies and good cooking. We've put together a collection of medicinal and culinary recipes for you to explore and enjoy.

Plantain Recipes

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