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Chemical Free Lawn Weed Control

Corngluten meal is mother nature's own 100% organic weed inhibitor.

This 100% organic granular fertilizer is a byproduct of the corn milling process. It's been used primarily as animal feed until 1985, when Dr. Nick Christians of Iowa State University made an amazing discovery.

During trials to test cornmeal as a growing medium for newly established golf course green, Dr. Christians noticed it was prohibiting the germination of various grasses. This lead to the further discovery of a protein compound in the meal that inhibited roots from forming in newly germinating seeds.

With 10 percent nitrogen by weight, it makes an excellent fertilizer for plants that have a well-established root system.

It is a pre-emergent only and has no post-emergent effect on existing weeds that are already established.

Corn being processed at the mill to be made into corngluten meal.


For the 'do-it-yourself' lawn care provider, we can't recommend a better product to both fertilize and inhibit weeds on your lawn.

Jim and I could write a book...or maybe even a website...on the number of times we were called in to save a lawn that a homeowner had burned with fertilizer that he had applied himself.

One of the benefits of this organic product is that it can't burn your lawn, when applied correctly. It even has a buffer for those times when too much seemed like a better plan.

Being both a fertilizer and weed inhibitor, its a natural way to get two benefits from one application.

Corngluten weed control also feeds the lawn with a slow release nitrogen. A slow release fertilizer is what you're always looking for in an organic product.

It can be applied no matter what the weather man has predicted for the day. It goes down rain or shine.

Corngluten is totally safe for both children and pets and allows yard use immediately after the application goes down. There's no off-time that traditional pesticide use would have required.


Corngluten should be applied to an established lawn in early spring before crabgrass and dandelion seeds germinate.

This should be followed with a second application in late summer or very early in the fall. A minimum of two years of application is required for best results.

It's important to read and follow the recommended application rates as listed on the bag.

We also recommend that you compare the content percentage of corngluten meal in each fertilizer formula. We would use one with 98% content in it.

Beware - there are many products on the market that won't perform nearly as well because of a lower content. These are the ones that typically come with a lower price tag.

In the long run, you only get what you pay for.

Application Rate

We have had good success with a rate of 20 lbs./1000 sq.ft., with a high formulation content of corngluten meal in the product.

Avoid Overfertilizing

When using a high quality product with 98% corngluten meal, it's important to complete your organic lawn care program with a low nitrogen organic fertilizer to avoid overfertilizing your lawn. That's because Mother Nature has built in a naturally high amount of nitrogen to this organic product.

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