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Killing Weeds

Getting Rid of Weeds Organically

Looking for effective ways of killing weeds organically and restoring your lawn's health? We've got some suggestions just for you.

Finding the occasional weed in your lawn can be expected if your grass is relatively healthy. You can easily ignore the odd lawn weed from time to time.

However, not killing them regularly now will likely lead to more of a problem by next season. It's better to deal with them now, before they get a chance to spread.

Best Strategies


Prevention is key to getting rid of weeds. Having a good plan for natural weed control will lead to greater success. We recommend a good plan to be primarly about weed prevention.

Hand Pulling

A reliable, good old fashioned organic weed control is hand pulling.

Pulling lawn weeds when they're young is best. Removing them before they flower and seed it the easiest way of preventing them from spreading.

It's best to do hand pulling after a rain or soaking a dry lawn so the soil becomes less resistant and the roots come up easier.

Pre-Emergent Control

Corngluten meal is an all natural organic weed inhibitor. The meal contains a protein compound that inhibits roots from forming in newly germinating seeds.

Organic Vinegar

The acetic acid in vinegar is what kills weeds. The higher acid levels in horticultural vinegar make it effective for killing most weeds.

Special handling and care is needed when using horticultural vinegar to control lawn weeds.

Killing Dandelions

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