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Lawn Maintenance Companies

Hiring Lawn Care Companies

Lawn maintenance companies will offer a wide range of services, so it's important that you decide what you specifically want from lawncare companies from the start of your research.

Some companies will include services such as mowing, aeration, overseeding, fertilization, insect control, as well as landscaping and small tree care.

Jim would caution you when choosing a mowing service to be certain the cutters take the time to clean the mower deck thoroughly between each lawn. This is to safeguard against any diseases being transferred from an infected lawn to another healthy one.

Due to the time and care this takes, it's not too likely that many lawn maintenance companies actually perform that important task. It wouldn't hurt to ask what their policy is.

Homeowner Involvement

Lawncare companies are not miracle workers. Over our years of providing high quality service, we always stress the importance of working together with the homeowner. You need to be involved.

Professional lawn maintenance companies can't always catch problems that are happening at the very early stages, nor can they always get the optimum conditions for the various applications. It's key, therefore, for you, the homeowner, to be involved in the care of your lawn and for making the company aware of any unusual changes or problems right away.

Jim enjoys educating our customers on what to watch for and what potential seasonal problems might look like. When the company volunteers this kind of information, it's a reflection of their dedication to their craft.

Depending on the particular lawncare program you have, a lawncare provider might only visit your lawn three times over the entire season. You, on the other hand, are on your lawn weekly and sometimes daily. You're more apt to see those potential problems right away.

Which Company

It's good to check out several companies before making your final decision.

A very good practice is to see which companies are already working in your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors for a recommendation. Most of our business is still built on referrals from our satisfied customers.

Walk through your neighborhood and see which lawns look the best. It's not unusual to see better results when lawncare maintenance companies are involved, and it's far less work for you, the busy homeowner.

What To Ask

The Quote

Does the company offer a free lawn visit with a no obligation quote? It's best not to accept a plan just from chatting on the telephone. A good lawncare provider should want to walk the lawn with you if at all possible, to see what's happening on the lawn, and to learn what your expectations are. They should want to explain their analysis and any recommendations they might have.

The Cost

If you're just calling around and basing your selection on the cheapest price, you're likely going to get the cheapest service with the cheapest product to go with it.

Remember that while you can do it yourself more cost effectively, you're paying for the expertise of the personnel, and the convenience of having your lawn maintained by a professional.

Ask yourself what kind of lawn do you want. If you're looking for an above-average quality lawn, then you'll be paying more to get it. The better the product quality, the more expensive it will be.

Professionally Licensed?

Always choose a company that is insured and licensed, and that uses trained technicians. Ask if the technicians are paid by the hour or by the number of lawns they can service in a day. You know the ones who are rushing the job are trying to make their daily quota and may not be taking the proper time with the application and clean up.

Their Products

Get a good understanding of the individual products and applications, as well as the seasonal programs offered. Find out if the programs are flexible or does the company only offer the standard 'one program fits all' approach. Not all lawns will need the same level of management so it's important to have the individual choice that you will need.

Hire Locally

The recent legislative changes and pesticide bans in the municipalities across Canada have greatly affected the lawn care industry.

Locally owned and operated companies that have a genuine concern for the community are the better ones to choose. They'll be there for you when you need them.

Some companies that are feeling financial pressure will sometimes flood a community with teams of technicians offering a one time application, or even a seasonal package. We've seen them come from as far away as a three hour drive.

It just doesn't make sense to expect them to be available if problems should arise or to honor their guarantee.

The Guarantee

A good lawncare provider should have no problems with guaranteeing their work. Please note, however, that this is based on the understanding that the homeowner has agreed to follow the instructions left by the technicians.

Lawn maintenance companies should clearly let you know what you are responsible for. If you are not satisfied, ask if will they return to redo the application at no extra charge?

In Conclusion

Following these guidelines when reviewing lawn maintenance companies should help you to make an informed choice with a positive outcome when it's time for you to hire a lawn care provider.

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