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Spring Lawn Care

Early Spring Lawn Maintenance Assessment

It's that time of year again. Time to jump into the spring lawn care regime.

The snow is finally gone and the sun is shining, warming our hearts and spirits.

Somehow it drives us outside to assess the lawn and gardens to see how things have faired over the winter.

Photo of white tulips, representing spring lawn care time.

Spring Lawn Maintenance Checklist

This is a great time to walk the lawn and analyze what's going on, and what will be required for this year's spring clean up.

Basic early lawn care includes the removing of stones that have found their way onto the lawn from the driveway, picking up any fallen tree branches, making note of areas that could use a little patching and repair, and setting a date for flexing those muscles with the garden rake.

Dig Out Your Lawn Rake

The first task at hand will be working out with the garden rake. You'll want to remove dead grass and thatch. A thatch build up of more than 1/2 inch would be considered excessive. It might be an indication that your grass needs a more thorough lawn dethatching.

Lawn Snow Mold

Check for damage from snow mold, snow mold, a lawn disease caused by cool, wet conditions, appearing as a fluffy white, pink or gray residue on the lawn. It will need to be raked out.

Lawn Salt Damage

Salt damage from winter snow removal is another thing to check for, usually along the edges closer to the driveway and walkways.

Lawn Rolling

Leveling bumps in a lawn makes for a more pleasant and safer surface to both walk on and to mow. A lawn rolling can be an important part of your early spring lawn care, when needed.

Lawn Aeration

Areas suffering from compaction, usually the higher traffic level areas, may be showing signs of decline. It might be time for a lawn aeration, one of the best things you can do for your lawn.

Dog Urine Spots On Lawn

If you have dogs urinating on the lawn and leaving dog spots, you'll want to remedy those areas as well.

A Great Time For Repairing Lawns

General lawn repairs to small hollows and bumps that are easier to see now can also be addressed in your spring chores. We share more ideas and helps on our repairing lawns page.

Lawn Overseeding

Repair overseeding, perhaps from last fall's grub damage, or a general broadcast overseeding as yearly maintenance is best done now as well.

Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Spring lawn fertilizing is essential. The traditional synthetic fertilizers have high nitrogen to "pop" your lawn to a quick green. Moving to an organic slow-release fertilizer is a much better option to produce a hardier and healthier lawn.

Following these basic guidelines of spring lawn care in your spring clean up routine, should produce good results. You're well on your way to an attractive, healthy lawn.

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