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Watering Grass

Proper Lawn Watering

What should you know about watering grass? Actually, quite a bit can be said about proper watering techniques.

There are several things to consider about watering lawns. The desired result, especially in the hotter temperatures of the summer, is to grow a good root system that will provide enough moisture to sustain the lawn.

Having a lush, green lawn that you can relax or play on becomes a challenge when there is a shortage of water.

Providing too little water stresses the grass, while too much is wasteful of a valuable resource and environmentally irresponsible.

You'll need to know when to water, how much water to apply, and even which watering techniques will provide the best results.

An Important Decision

Something many homeowner's don't consider is whether to water at all during the drought conditions that arrive with the summer heat.

You do have the option of not watering and letting the lawn go dormant once the weather turns hot and dry. Dormancy is a natural process that allows the lawn to protect itself against the heat.

Yes, that means an unsightly brown lawn for a while, but don't despair. Your lawn will revive itself once the hot weather subsides and the rain comes again.

All About Watering

Have a look at the following pages that we've put together to answer your questions about proper lawn watering. As always, we've included some great tips as well.

When To Water
Watering Techniques

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