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Weed Trimmer Safety

Using Lawn Trimmers Properly

Practicing proper weed trimmer safety is important to your well being, and to the safety of those around you as you work.

Emergency departments report thousands of injuries being treated each year that are related to weed eater use. A majority of these injuries were to the eyes.

The Manual

One of the first and best places to start with lawn trimming safety is to read the operator's manual. It's full of personal protection recommendations, trouble shooting help, and basis maintenance routines that need to be followed.

Practicing proper weed trimming safety can help prevent injuries, save time and money on repairs to both the equipment and to your property.

Dress Properly

  • wear steel toed CSA approved work boots
  • wear long pants
  • wear safety goggles to protect eyes
  • wear ear muffs to counteract trimmer noise

Prep The Site

  • walk the area to be trimmed before you start
  • remove any debris, sticks, stones, children's toys etc
  • clear the area of people and pets, and be aware of them as you work

Prep The Trimmer

  • check that guards and shields are in place
  • ensure there is enough nylon line on the spool
  • fill the gas tank when the engine is cold
  • let the engine cool down first when refilling is necessary
  • don't spill gas or light a match or smoke around gasoline

Weed Trimmer Safety While Operating

  • start trimmer by laying it down in a clear area
  • hold the trimmer down firmly as you pull the engine start cord when the unit is harnessed to you, or held above ground level
  • keep the muffler side away from you to avoid burning your arms
  • be aware of keeping your balance and good footing, especially on slopes
  • lower the throttle speed when trimming near people or cars to reduce the speed of projected objects
  • never raise the cutting head above knee height
  • hold the trimmer so the debris is directed away from you
  • if the machine starts to shake or vibrate, shut it down immediately

Following these weed trimmer safety practices, along with routine service and maintenance, will keep your trimmer in top shape for seasons to come and more importantly, keep you safe and protected.


Always disconnect the spark plug before working on any power tool. Keep this in mind when you're cleaning out the grass guard at the end of your work.

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